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Marquee Letters and Numbers from After 5 Party Rentals
After 5 Party Rentals has the big light up letter rentals you need to make your next party or event a huge success! After 5 Party Rentals will be your leading source for all of your marquee letters and letters needed in Rumford , Rhode Island and it's surrounding areas! 

Illuminate your event with our show-stopping Marquee Letters and Numbers! 🌟✨ Add a touch of glamour and personalization to your celebration. Whether it's a wedding, birthday, or corporate event, our premium Marquee Letters and Numbers provide a captivating focal point. Crafted with precision, these eye-catching elements effortlessly enhance your venue's ambiance. Make a statement and set the mood with our stylish Marquee Letters and Numbersβ€”perfect for creating memorable moments that shine bright. Elevate your event with the charm of illuminated elegance! πŸ’‘πŸŽ‰

Big light up letters

Turn heads at your event with our show-stopping Big Light-Up Numbers and Marquee Letters! 🌟✨ Illuminate the celebration and make it unforgettable. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. Let the magic begin! πŸ’‘πŸŽ‰ #MarqueeMagic #EventShowstopper" Get Your Quote!

🌟 Light up the Night with Glamorous Marquee Numbers! 🌈

Turn your event into a dazzling spectacle with our show-stopping 4-foot LED color-changing marquee numbers! Elevate the atmosphere, add a touch of glamour, and make a bold statement that guests won't forget.

✨ Dynamic Color Spectrum: Our marquee numbers boast a vibrant array of colors that seamlessly transition, creating a mesmerizing visual experience. Illuminate the celebration with a dynamic light show that captivates and energizes the party.

πŸŽ‰ Perfect for Every Occasion: Whether it's a milestone birthday, an anniversary bash, a corporate event, or a wedding reception, these marquee numbers are the ultimate eye-catching addition. Make every moment unforgettable with the allure of radiant, color-shifting numbers.

πŸ”₯ Sturdy and Stylish Design: Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our 4-foot marquee numbers don't just shine in terms of aesthetics but are also built to withstand the excitement of any festivity. The combination of style and sturdiness ensures your event is not only visually stunning but also memorable for all the right reasons.

πŸ’‘ Customizable to Your Theme: Tailor the ambiance of your event by choosing the color scheme that matches your theme perfectly. Whether you want a soft and romantic glow or a lively and vibrant display, our marquee numbers can adapt to your vision effortlessly.

🌐 Instagram-Worthy Moments: Elevate your event's social media presence! Our color-changing marquee numbers are not just a focal point at the party but also a magnet for Instagram-worthy photos. Encourage your guests to share the magic and create a buzz online.

Make a bold statement, create lasting memories, and add an unforgettable touch to your event with our 4-foot LED color-changing marquee numbers. Light up the night, and let the celebration shine! 


🌟 Illuminate Your Celebration with Mesmerizing 3-Foot Marquee Letters! ✨

Transform any event into a luminous spectacle with our captivating 3-foot marquee letters! Whether you choose to spell out "LOVE" for a romantic touch or opt for other letters to create a personalized message, these radiant symbols of celebration add an enchanting flair to your special moments.

πŸ’– Versatility Meets Elegance: Immerse your space in the magic of love or convey your unique message with our meticulously crafted 3-foot marquee letters. Each letter exudes elegance, setting the perfect ambiance for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and more.

🌈 Dazzling Color Palette: Choose from a vibrant spectrum of colors to match your theme and style. Our marquee letters are not just symbols; they're a canvas for your vision. Illuminate the night with a color-changing display that captivates and complements the atmosphere of your celebration.

πŸŽ‰ Compact Grandeur: Despite their modest size, these marquee letters pack a punch of grandeur. Whether you're creating an intimate setting, setting up a photo booth, or adding charm to a dessert table, our 3-foot letters effortlessly become the focal point of your event.

πŸ“Έ Share the Radiance: Encourage your guests to capture and share the brilliance of the moment. From love-filled weddings to joyous birthdays, every photo becomes a cherished memory framed by the luminosity of our marquee letters. Spark social media magic and turn your celebration into a trending sensation.

🌟 Light Up Your Moments: Beyond letters, our marquee collection is a statement for every celebration. Illuminate your moments and let the magic of our 3-foot marquee letters create an unforgettable atmosphere for your guests.

From LOVE to custom messages, let our marquee letters be the glowing centerpiece of your celebration. Illuminate your story, and let the magic of light make your event truly memorable! πŸ’«πŸŽ‰


πŸŽ‰ Ready to Illuminate Your Celebration? Let's Make It Shine! ✨

Transform your event into an unforgettable spectacle with our mesmerizing 3-foot marquee letters and 4-foot color-changing marquee numbers. Whether you're spelling out "LOVE" for a romantic touch or creating a personalized message, our radiant symbols of celebration add an enchanting flair to weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and more.

✨ Why Choose Our Marquee Collection?

  • πŸ’« Versatile Color Palette: Choose from a vibrant spectrum to match your theme and style.
  • πŸ’‘ Dazzling Illumination: Create a captivating atmosphere with dynamic color-changing displays.
  • πŸŽ‰ Compact Grandeur: Make a big statement in limited space with our 3-foot letters.
  • πŸ“Έ Share the Radiance: Spark social media magic and turn your celebration into a trending sensation.

🌟 How to Get Started:

  1. πŸ’¬ Chat with Us: Reach out to discuss your event details and vision using our website chat feature.
  2. 🌈 Customize Your Display: Choose the letters or numbers, select your colors, and personalize your marquee experience.
  3. πŸ“† Secure Your Date: Ensure availability for your event by confirming your booking.

✨ Ready for a Quote? Fill out Our Form: πŸ“ Click HERE to complete a quick form and receive a personalized quote for your marquee display.

✨ Light Up Your Moments: Beyond letters and numbers, our marquee collection is a statement for every celebration. Illuminate your story and make your event truly memorable!

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